Normalerweise mag ich Glücksspiele nicht. Und Spiele mit dem Unglück anderer auch nicht. Aber bei dieser Kombination konnte ich mich dann doch nicht zurückhalten und habe mitgemacht:

dear friends,

the day is almost at its longest in the northern hemisphere, which means that its time for the annual Midsummer Night’s Death Bingo, the aim of which is to guess how many people ‚break on through to the other side‘ over the midsummer weekend (which is in a weeks time) in finland. as per usual, the rules are as follows:

– each participant guesses a number between 0 and infinity, and
– the one closest to the actual number wins a bottle of koskenkorva vodka (which usually plays a part in these premature departures from this world during the finnish midsummer).

the official bodycount used will be that of the finnish news agency stt and will includes all those who, whether under the influence or not, began their next karmic cycle due to unnatural causes between next thursday and the following monday on finnish soil, in finnish territorial waters or finnish airspace.
for first timers, here’s a few pointers:

– the usual figure is usually between 10-20, 13 seems to be a favourite…
– the number depends on a variety of factors, such as water and air temperatures and the availability and price of booze during the particular year.

the deadline for submissions is next thursday, 23:59 eastern european time.

good luck and stay safe! and those in finland, don’t become another statistic!


Ich habe wegen des warmen Junis 16 getippt. Wenn ich nicht gewinnen sollte, dann hoffentlich, weil ich mit dieser Zahl viel zu hoch und nicht weil ich viel zu niedrig liege.

(Volker Strübing)

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